Improve the first impression you make with prospective tenants by embracing the art of curb appeal on your home! A first impression can make or break your home, and that’s why leaving a lasting, positive impression can save you money by decreasing the time that your home stays vacant. Investing in a clean, homey exterior can save you a headache or two down the road. Maximize the value of your home by giving it a little TLC on the landscaping, entryway, and driveway.

Landscaping Your Home

The details to evaluate about your current landscaping should start with the grass. Is it green or brown? Are there patches? Does it need to be mowed? Are there a lot of weeds in the grass? Then look at the shrubbery and trees in front of your house and decide if any of these plants dying or in need of some extra care. Overgrown trees could be a major concern for renters. A dead shrub sitting in front of your home sets a negative tone for the rest of your prospective tenant’s during their visit. Green is good. Adding a bit of color with some potted and planted flowers in your garden and on your porch will create a cheery and welcoming touch for your entryway. “Welcoming” is the ultimate tone you want to achieve in order to get people through the door.


Your front door and entryway is the first impression that potential buyers and renters see when they enter your home. Entryways are high traffic areas that set the tone for what buyers or renters expect from the rest of your home. A clean, polished, eye-catching entryway is inviting for those entering your home. It is important to make sure your front door has a fresh coat of paint that isn’t chipped or faded. Also, make sure you have working light fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing with your home’s exterior. Depending on the size of your doorway, adding some pops of color with flowers and outdoor seating can also help to create an eye-catching entrance into your property.


And lastly, one of the most forgotten and most used parts of your home is your driveway. The quality of your driveway tells renters the effort you put into your home. If the concrete looks clean and even, free of cracks and weeds, then they’ll probably recognize your attention to detail in the rest of your home. A clean, bright, refined exterior hints at what they’ll find inside your home. Even if your home isn’t necessarily as up-to-date as some of the houses down the street, at least you’re getting those potential tenants in your door; that way, they’re already giving your house a chance! If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market and want to get the best value, consider improving your home’s curb appeal.

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